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KHANJ Leather & Footwear

(*By KHANJ GLOBAL License we are doing these process & operations)


KHANJ LEATHER & FOOTWEAR is one of the 100% export oriented leather & Footwear buying house in Bangladesh. We have been working as a buying agent ensuring best quality product as per buyer's requirement. We always follow a quality manual compliant to international code and standard. We have strong network in sourcing all over the country. We have our in-house expertise in initial sampling & pattern making. We are well organized in our goal and eager to work with you and execute your orders as per your requirements. We supply our quality leather & Footwear to many clients all over the world especially USA, Canada and EEC market.

What Products We Offer
KHANJ Leather & Footwear Bangladesh really understands the importance and very much keen to maintain true professionalism in the services it has to offer mentioned in the following in this

Competitive and complex Global supply chain structure of the leather & Footwear industry around the World.
- Cow, Goat, Buffalo Leather
- Full-chrome, Semi-chrome, Full Veg., Chrome Free Crust
- Embossed, Glazed, WashWash, Fur
- Split, Lining, Upper, Nappa, Upholstery
- Suitable for Footwear, Leather Garments, Gloves, Hand bags, Belts, wallets, etc.

We have extensive range of products and following few articles are given for reference purpose only. We highly recommend our valued client to provide us the desired sample to be made. For Any price inquiry please mention the article name and code as given below:
Article Name & Code Colour Selection Thickness
Crust Leather – FR01 Natural A – D/E-H 1.1 - 1.3
Crust Leather – FR02 Beige A – D/E-H 1.1 - 1.3
Crust Leather – FR03 Brown A – D/E-H 1.1 - 1.3
Crust Leather – FR04 Black A - D /E-H 1.1 - 1.3
Crust Leather – FR05 Navy Blue A - D /E-H 1.1 - 1.3
Crust Leather – FR4A Black A – D/E-H 1.1 - 1.4
Crust Leather – FR3A Light Brown A –D/E-H 1.1 - 1.3
Crust Leather – FR4B Green A – D/E-H 1.1 – 1.3
Crust Leather – FR11 Red A – D / E-H 1.1 – 1.3
Lining Leather – FR06 White E - H 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR28 Black E - H 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR10A Tan E - H 0.7 – 0.8
Lining Leather – FR07 Brown E - H 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR08 Beige G – H 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR09 Dark Beige E - H 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR10 Light Brown E - H 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR12 Gray E - F 0.8 – 1.0
Lining Leather – FR8A Deep Beige E - H 0.8 – 1.0
Milling Finished – FR13 Tan A – D /E-H 1.1 – 1.3
Milling Finished – FR14 Brown A – D/E-H 1.1 – 1.3
Pigmented – FR15 Black A - D /E-H 1.0 - 1.3
Burnish Finished – FR16 Brown A - D /E-H 1.0 - 1.3
Aniline Finished – FR17 Black A - D /E-H 1.0 - 1.2
Print Finished – FR18 Black A - D /E-H 1.0 - 1.2
Maya – FIA Black A - D /A – F 1.1 - 1.3
Beg Decota – FIB Brown A - D /A – F 1.1- 1.3
Embossed – FIC Green A - D /A – F 1.1 – 1.3
Camel – FID Camel A - D /A - F 1.1 - 1.3
RB WAXY – FIE Camel A - D /A - F 1.1 - 1.3
Washed – FIF Dark Brown A - D /A - F 1.1 - 1.3
Softy Nappa -FIG Red / Brown A - D /A - F 0.9 – 1.3
Split Leather – FR24 Natural - Various

Following products are reference purpose only. We supply as per order along with following articles:
Veg. Crust Leather – FR20
Any A - D 1.8 - 2.5
Any A - H 1.8 - 2.5
Any E - H 1.8 - 2.5
Chrome Crust - FR20A
Any A - D 1.8 - 2.5
Any A - H 1.8 - 2.5
Any E - H 1.8 - 2.5
Semi Chrome Crust - FR20B
Any A - D 1.8 - 2.5
Any A - H 1.8 - 2.5
Any E - H 1.8 - 2.5

Following products are reference purpose only. We can supply as per order along with following articles:
Crust Leather – FR21
Natural A - H 1.0 - 1.1
Natural A - D 0.8 - 1.0
Natural A - F 0.8 - 1.0
Natural E - H 0.7 - 0.9
Natural A - D 0.8 - 1.0
Natural A - F 0.8 - 1.0
Natural E - H 0.7 - 0.9
Suede Leather – FR21A
Black A - D 0.7 - 0.9
Brown A - D 0.7 - 0.9
Ladies Leather Bags
Genuine Leather Wallet
Shoulder Bags & Executive Leather Bags
Leather Office & Gift Items
Leather Belt & Bracelet
Leather Office & Gift Items
Leather Jackets
Gents Shoes & Casual Sandals
Ladies Shoes, Boots, Sandals & Kids Wear

We are always working on new innovative design enriching our product portfolio. Contact us for latest product catalogue. Clients own design, please provide detail pictures (front view, rear view & side view), Size (L x H x W), desired material (cow, sheep, goat or buffalo), color, accessories list (antique gold metal, antique brass metal, etc) and order quantity or simply send us the sample by post and we will do rest. Our production manager will calculate the cost of each product and make a pattern for client’s approval.

What We Are
KHANJ Leather & Footwear is a dynamic one stop Leather & Footwear Sourcing solutions provider to buyers from across the world. An exclusive buying and sourcing agency deals – professional leather & Footwear and lifestyle essential sourcing services, based in capital city Dhaka, Bangladesh. The ultimate solution for expertise and experience in sourcing for quality textiles, leather & Footwear, yarn and leather & Footwear accessories, locally from Bangladesh and from a selected few countries like India, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong etc.

KHANJ Leather & Footwear is a reputed buying and sourcing agency which has the capability to offer its global customers cost effective value added package by out sourcing its competitors. Professional Experts team will help buyer to avail the best service possible in terms of competitive cost and quality rich product. KHANJ Leather & Footwear also ensures that the buyer is in the loop, while the services are being delivered. Our team works round the clock with zeal and enthusiasm to make sure that both parties are pleased with our sourcing services.

KHANJ Leather & Footwear also undertakes freelance inspection jobs where our qualified personnel deliver required AQL-Acceptable Quality Level by client. Managing the quality of the products is given the highest priority.

KHANJ Leather & Footwear vision is to provide our international buyers, resourceful insights of the untapped Bangladesh market, delivering the right quality and timely shipment with maximum customer satisfaction. Our mission is to invite international buyers to Bangladesh and make buying from here with a pleasant experience and profitable for our customers.

We are committed to:
1. The best Product Development & Sourcing.
2. Pricing that is truly competitive.
3. Guarantee of one time production & dot-on deliveries.
4. Quality assurance & Inspection.
5. Communication & Co-ordinations.
6. Shipment & Tracking.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any violation or abuse of human rights, child labor laws and factory safety standards. KHANJ Leather & Footwear has a passion for detail, speed and ethical conduct of commerce. We are headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh with country offices in U.K & U.S.A.

Ethical Statement
KHANJ Leather & Footwear adopts a rigorous selection process for leather & Footwear manufacturer ensuring only those that are totally committed to exceeding our high ethical standard become appointed suppliers.

We recognize and respect our duty to protect the personnel used in the manufacture of KHANJ Leather & Footwear’s leather & Footwear. We collaborate with many leather & leather goods factories in Bangladesh. These factories are well organized and certified internationally.

Each appointed manufacturers must confirm to the following terms as a minimum requirement:
1. Strong Fire Safety management of the company.
2. Guide and Implementation of emergency evacuation plans.
3. Factory(s) are in the well-structured building and structural design approved by the respective authority.
4. Children must not be employed below the legal minimum age required by the law of the individual country.
5. Employees are to be paid no less than the legal minimum wage as required by the law of the individual country.
6. Working hours must not exceed those set out by local legislation and over time must be voluntary.
7. Maternity leave must be made available to all female employees.
8. Good working conditions must prevail. The provision of adequate pure drinking water, wash room facilities, a canteen and a child care room are essential.
9. Primary medical care must be provided on site.

To ensure continued compliance, manufacturers are frequently inspected and reported upon by local independent agents. As a further safeguard, unannounced inspections are regularly made by KHANJ Leather & Footwear’s senior management.

KHANJ Leather & Footwear is also dedicated to protecting the environment and purposely seeks out suppliers who take positive action to minimize both waste and the impact of their manufacturing processes on the surrounding environment.

Your Sourcing & Buying Agent in Bangladesh
Buying footwear from Bangladesh has many advantages, but it requires great effort and knowledge of the BANGLADESHI footwear industry. Get all the power, support, technology and experience of Bangladesh Footwear Agency for your business. We show you the way and take care of most part of your sourcing project. We have years of experience and we like our job. Our team will help you discover the leather and footwear industry of Bangladesh.

Our offices are located in Leon, Bangladesh, close to your manufacturers and suppliers. With the experience of our trained staff we’ll help you find and purchase your products in the best possible way. Focus on sales and we take care of the rest.

International Buying Agent for Footwear and Leather Goods – Your Office in Bangladesh
Our sourcing and buying agent services are designed for people who want an office in Bangladesh to take care of their leather goods and footwear sourcing project. We’ll adapt to your specific needs and give you a professional service.

As sourcing and buying agents we can provide the following services:
1. Advice on sources of supplies, as well as potential shoe manufacturers and suppliers of your products.
2. Attend fairs in Bangladesh in to identify new products and manufacturers that could be of your interest.
3. Evaluate price offers given by manufacturers.
4. Negotiate with manufacturers.
5. Deliver business travel agendas, and provide assistance in Bangladesh.
6. Coordination with manufacturers and suppliers.
7. Advice on export and import procedures and documents.
8. Revise all documents covering shipment, and arrange for international transportation.
9. Ensure all trade documents are accurate and in compliance with the law.
10. Random inspections during production.
11. Pre-shipment inspections.
12. Order follow up.
13. Interpreter and translator.
……and much more.

Contact us to know about all the services included in our sourcing agent plan.

Why you Need our Sourcing & Buying Agent Services?
Leather and shoe manufacturers in Bangladesh, with a few exceptions, are small to medium size. This fact limits their ability to contact foreign buyers with efficiency. Few manufacturers and suppliers communicate in other languages or they communicate with many deficiencies. There are cultural and communication obstacles.

We help you carry out all the necessary sourcing processes so you can buy and import footwear and leather goods from Bangladesh without problems. We are your office in Bangladesh and this will help you control your project better. Receive help from experts. There will be personnel in Bangladesh representing your interests. You’ll act as a local company with us.

Benefits of having a Sourcing Agent:
1. Save time and money.
2. Clear communication with suppliers during your project in Bangladesh.
3. Understand business culture and avoid misinterpretations.
4. Focus on sales and we’ll take care of the rest
Support Buying Team
1. Build “Concept to Customer” timeline for spring/summer and autumn/winter development and advise best time and frequency of travel
2. Build “Concept to Customer” timeline for spring/summer and autumn/winter development and advise best time and frequency of travel
3. Plan Trips for the most efficient itinerary and align with objectives and cost budgets
4. Provide Advice and Arrangements for Buying Trips
5. Prepare Suppliers and Product Teams so buying trip objectives are realistically set and accomplished as planned
6. Provide market intelligence that is relevant to the needs of the various brands and their customer profile

Market Knowledge
A great deal of effort is undertaken to ensure that our design, merchandising and quality control teams are exposed to the requirements of the customers and the market. They travel regularly overseas to the customers and to the important industry fairs to get a deeper understanding of the trends, as well as customer sensitivities. These teams are encouraged to think along with the customer and not just follow instructions.

Pricing Philosophy: KHANJ Leather & Footwear is driven by the maxim of achieving the desired quality at the most competitive prices, by employing on all available resources, controlling wastages, improving efficiency. We provide fast quotation service to our valued clients with all fabric and leather & Footwear elements coasted in and detailed on a pricing matrix. We value our relationships with our Buyers and Vendors as a high point of our business practices. We are sure to meet all your expectations, and give you a great experience in doing business with Bangladesh.

Yes, KHANJ Leather & Footwear. is Buying Office in Bangladesh & for reliability and a trustworthy, positive business relationship.

• Payments by TT or LC At sight as per negotiating Bank’s instruction
• Type of Documentary Credit: Irrevocable and Transferable
• Trans Shipment: Allowed
• BL Clause: Full set clean on board original BL issued into the order of negotiating bank and endorsed by the same bank in favor of LC opening bank
• Presentation of Documents: 21 days from the date of BL
• ICC Publications No: LC must be subject to latest ICC publication

Advising Bank:

Business Policy
Our business policy is very simple that is to build a long term business relationship through offering minimum price and providing maximum quality. And we always respect the commitment. We believe that keeping commitment is a great duty for all human beings. Even it’s a noble order from all religions.
And from opening our business to till today, we have enabled to keep our commitment to our buyers. That's why now we are more confident about to keep our special characteristics.
We always aim to deliver best customer service and never miss. KHANJ LEATHER & FOOTWEAR is dedicated to ensure following services for our valued overseas client:
• Quick & efficient customer communication
• Sample presentation at a very competitive price
• Timely shipment and order tracking facilities
• Pre Shipment Inspection (at buyer cost)
• Country of Origin Certification
• Documentation for customs & VAT purpose
• Ready stock and delivery facilities for retailers
• Warehouse facilities
• Buyer level offer
• Arrange factory visit (at buyer cost)
• For FOB price, clients are welcome to use our own transport facilities, C & F agent, Shipping agent, etc.
• Legal Advise

For details please contact us:
Mobile/Whatsapp/Other Social Apps: +8801825581451



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