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 KHANJ ICT & Securities

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KHANJ ICT Solutions & Services

"IT Consulting"
Companies, organizations, government, semi-government and autonomous bodies face various challenges while identifying appropriate ways to run the process, reduce operating costs and maintain profitability in the face of soaring customer expectations, finding ways out to reduce the process duration, respond effectively to the increased and advanced market demands and technology trends; find solutions to the day to day operational problems by standardizing and simplifying procedures and practices.
I such a situation, whenever you cannot find out the best practices and best solutions for your technology involvements, KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES comes forward with the best solutions for you. We are ready to share our expertise to find out the best solution for your ever-increasing data and all other factors influencing your business and work flow procedures.

Our consultants and experts have the answer to almost all of your problems. They are capable to operate your business processes, applications and building up the infrastructure, enabling you to focus on your core strengths and pursue new opportunities.

We extend our consultancy services in the situation when there is an atmosphere of extreme price sensitivity, customers are demanding more service, more convenience and more personalized communications; you have to maximize every interaction with your customers to make positive impression and drive loyalty and preference.

KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES, through its consultants and experts innovates the ways for shifting your focus from your products and channels to your customers, which means, streamlining and integrating your sales, marketing and customer service.

"Project Management"
Project management is the area KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES has mastery over. From its inception in 1989 to 2010, it has successfully completed more than 300 projects for the clients from home and abroad. None of the other IT firms in this region of South-East Asia has such a large portfolio in project management arena.

KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES is proud to extend its helping hands in project management for our clients in managing their ICT related tasks and for a successful completion.

Together with its Professional Support Services, we provide project management services that include:
01. Requirement analysis and feasibility check
02. System analysis and design
03. System development and process control
04. Testing and Quality Assurance
05. System implementation, deployment
06. System maintenance and support.

"Testing and QA"
Testing and Quality Assurance are the procedures to maintain standard in day to day practices and activities of a business entity irrespective of the field of implementation. Whether it be a real life practice, or practice in a corporate environment, or behavior and arrangement of the official procedures and functions, or a hardware or software component of an ICT system, testing for the standardization and assurance of the quality of the system becomes a vital need for a smart organization in this twenty first century world.

KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES Software (Bangladesh) Ltd. has built through years of experience the unparalleled system in QA and QC services. The solutions provided by KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES are well organized that ensure to comply with the client’s expectations and today’s technology trend. The system is featured with standard models KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES follows including CMMI and ISO 9001 as well as with the industry standard best practices adopted. A strong and well trained QA Team having a great reputation and honor for Industry standard model certifications like CMMI and ISO bears the overall responsibilities in providing scalable and robust solutions in testing and QA Services.
Testing and QA services include, but not limited to, solutions and services like:
Testing service using manual system as well as automated tools
Functional and Nonfunctional Testing (Performance, Stress, Security, etc.) services
01. Consultancy in Quality Assurance and Organizational Process Control.
02. Consultancy for System Integration, Improvement and Enhancement.
03. Consultancy and Quality Assurance in the Internal Control Systems
04. Consultancy for Audit management, Issue tracking and fixing, Risk Management, etc.
05. Consultancy on Project Management and Software Development
06. Consultancy and support for Quick implementation and Certifications of ISO and CMMI models.
07. Consultancy support on Dash Board for measuring organizational achievement and areas of improvement based on data available.
08. Support services using JIRA for issue/bug tracking
09. Consultancy on Quality Management, Requirement Analysis & Traceability Matrix, Process Improvement, Project Management, Configuration Management, Test Management, Risk Management and Assessment, etc.
10. Consultancy on Total Quality Management for onshore and offshore enterprises

"Enterprise Application"
With the fast changing market conditions and business scenarios, enterprises are expecting unprecedented support and business continuity from their IT application portfolios. Enterprise Application Services (EAS) practice at KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES offers package and platform-led services to transform customer’s business and IT operations. The group leverages its Blue Ocean global alliances with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft to deliver services spanning from blue printing, development, deployment, global rollouts to application maintenance and support in areas such as ERP, CRM and SCM. With a strong team of 100+ ERP consultants expert in integration, best-in-class implementation and upgrade tools and accelerators, KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES is a partner of choice for enterprises across industries for revitalizing their existing ERP investments.
The enterprise applications world has now reached a point of inflection, giving rise for the integration of Enterprise Application Services (EAS) to support the critical parts of the business and to take the performance of your enterprise to un-reached levels. At KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES, we understand your need to adapt to changing technology trends like SOA and SaaS that transform the way software is developed (SOA) and delivered (SaaS), and provide solutions that enable you to look ahead into future business ecosystem.

KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES Enterprise Application Services line of business is focused on providing package and platform-led services ranging from blue printing, development, deployment, global rollouts, helpdesk support, to application maintenance in areas such as ERP, CRM, SCM, OBRM and Middleware. The EAS group uses a platform-focused approach to provide technology-based business optimization.
Technology-based business optimization is the cornerstone of our enterprise applications line of business.

This optimization is achieved in two ways:
01. Stage-based offerings
02. Process-driven optimization
Stage-based offerings are focused on application consolidation, global single instance, platform development, and service enablement, while Process-driven optimization deals with processes like partner integration, unified customer view and single sign-on to deliver business optimization.

"Customized Development"
KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES Software (Bangladesh) Ltd. has in its custody the unparalleled experience in development of customized ICT software solutions. The solutions provided by KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES so far are well analyzed as to the client’s requirements and featured with scalable and robust solutions, at the same time in costs reduced awfully comparing with others in the field.
Included, but not limited to our customized software solutions are:
01. Offshore and onshore development
02. Windows & UNIX/Linux based development
03. WAMP based and LAMP based development
04. Embedded software development
05. Database design, development & maintenance
06. Data security, data backup and restoration
07. Software re-engineering, cloning, remodeling, etc.
08. Windows mobile & device programming
09. Software to software and software to database integration
10. Web design, development, maintenance & troubleshooting
11. Desktop and web based application development
12. Web services development and maintenance
13. Multi-user and multi-tier software solutions
14. Customized ERP and CMS development
15. Technical documentation, help system, installation and user guides.
16. Online reports development Etc.

"Web Development"
KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES offers its unique services in web development ushered from its long technical experience and hands on expertise, mixed with its innovative e-commerce leadership and creative thinking.

Our web development team approaches towards user-centric web design & development methodologies focused on meeting the ICT and business needs of your organization. The objectives of your website users are never ignored. Understanding your needs together with your stake holders to provide an intuitive, persuasive web solution keeps you coming back to us each time you think of anything new on the web.

From robust ERP solution to simple web services development, KHANJ TECHNOLOGIES’s web development team stretches its experienced hands to provide the best services in a timely manner through well analyzed system and effective development methods.

Our team works intimately online and/or onshore with the clients according to the need and nature of the project. With bug tracking system like JIRA, we keep our clients always updated throughout the development and fine tuning processes at the same time to meet the deadline. Our concerned team member(s) and/or the support teams are always available for 24/7.

Our web technology services include:
01. Website design and development
02. Database design, development, programming and maintenance
03. Data integration
04. Online forms and data entry
05. e-Commerce solutions
06. Social Networking Solution
07. CMS Customization
08. Graphic Design
09. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Tools used:
We are handy with the latest technology trend including LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) / WAMP (Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP) based solutions. The languages and technology tools we use include, but not limited to, PHP, CakePHP, JOOMLA!, Drupal, OSCOMMERCE, Magento, MYSQL, AJAX, Frameworks, Flash MX, ASP, ASP.Net, HTML/XML, Action Scripts, JavaScript, VB Script, Dreamweaver, JQuery, etc.
01. E-commerce Solution
02. Social Networking Solution
03. CMS Customization
04. Graphic Design
05. Search Engine Optimization

"Hardware and network"

Our services includes:
01. Hardware Sales
02. Hardware Setup & Maintenance
03. Network Setup & Maintenance
04. Microsoft SharePoint Service Setup & Configure
05. Internet Proxy Server Configure including bandwidth management and Setup security policies for users, create and maintain firewalls and control internet accessibility of users
06. Mail Server setup, Configure & User Domain and E-mail administration (setup and maintaining account)
07. Prepare evaluations of hardware and recommend improvements or upgrades
08. Conducting and verifying the validity of backups of the servers and take backups
09. Manage protection from Viruses and any other security threats
10. Update system as soon as new version of OS and application software comes out
11. Implement the policies for the use of the computer system and network
12. Verify that peripherals are working properly and quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure
13. Hardware training on OS and application Software installation


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