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KHANJ Accessories & Sourcing

(*By KHANJ GLOBAL License we are doing these process & operations)

Part and Parcels of KHAN Accessories & Sourcing
Our management team is highly qualified, with regard to professionalism, dynamism and dedication towards achieving best quality in production by using latest technology and making delivery in time. We are continuously updating technologies to improve quality and productivity of manufactures of KHAN
Accessories & Sourcing. Glimpse at these departments are thrown below:

Our Products:
• Label ( Woven, Printed ),
• Hang Tag / Printing items,
• Button (Chalk, Pearl, Horn, Wood, Logo, Metal etc.),
• Poly ( P.P, P.E, OPP, PVC, HDPE) Print multi color.
• Back Board ( Back Board / Neck Board / Photo Board )
• Carton ( 7, 5, 3 Ply )
• Carton (Computerized)
• Draw cot
• Drawstring
• Elastic & Lace
• Elastic String
• Elastic Tape
• Eye-Let Clip( Plastic, Metal )
• Gum tape
• Hanger
• Hanger any kind
• Heat Transfer Print
• Inter-ling
• Lace (any Kind) / Tag pin
• Leather Badge
• Mike
• Offset Printing
• Opp /Bopp Bag
• P.V.C Bag
• Poly Bag
• Rubber Patch
• Silicon Badge
• Stone & Metal Motive
• Stopper
• Sewing Thread (Sewing Thread 50/2, 40/2, 20/2, 20/3, Filament (150,75) , Elastic Thread)
• Tissue Paper, Oil Paper
• Twill Fabric, Felt Fabric, Satin Fabric
• Twill Tape
• Velcro tape
• Zip Lock Poly Bag
• Zipper

Design Department:
Our Design Department is well equipped with most updated Computers and Latest design softwares. This Department has highly skilled and experienced designers who are capable of producing any sort of critical and artistic design, even in non-executive hours if required. Our design teams and exclusively designed Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems enable us to replicate or alter any logo in minutes. They are committed to assign perfection in every stitch and capable of developing any sample free of cost on very urgent basis. Every Artwork is kept in secured Computer and removable disks so that we can start any production quickly from previous orders.

Marketing Department:
KHAN Accessories & Sourcing has organized its Marketing Department to constantly track consumers, monitor the environment, and keep an eye on competition. The Marketing Department comprises of expertise from several areas including consumer behavior, market research, advertising, pricing, new product development, brand planning, international marketing and marketing in interactive environments. Expert representatives cooperate with the clients to ensure meeting demands. They work closely with production unit to make sure that new and existing product development is carried on as per the needs and expectations of the customer.

QC Department:
KHAN Accessories & Sourcing has an independent QC department and laboratory that ensures our proficiency, methodology and quality to the highest possible level. The QC Department is directly maintained by the CEO. This Department consists of a dedicated and highly skilled workforce to provide world class product to our valued clients. They are committed to maintain high standard in each of the production stages. They constantly monitor of excellence according to the instructions of our valued clients. The decision regarding the yarn quantity, quality and strength is made by PPC i.e. production, planning and control section.

IT Department:
KHAN Accessories & Sourcing has its own IT Department to maintain Management Information System (MIS). Most modernized multi-user server based softwares have been developed by the IT department keeping each and every information in a professional and corporate way. All of our data related to production, planning, yarn stock, samples, buyer, supplier, delivery etc are kept updated in our Computer Database to provide the best and fastest services to our valued clients. Even Machine operators input their production info in own computer to speed up the process for production. Accounts, Inventory, Payroll, and Security systems are also maintained by the latest computer aided control process.

We can can deliver any garments accessories customized according to your needs and design. We are the Leader in accessories supplying in Bangladesh

Quality Control:
approved Quality control in garment industry is a very complex factor. Our veteran production managers can feel the errors that are happening or the ones that may happen. Quality control cannot be trained. It can only be felt. Hence KHAN Accessories & Sourcing picks up its quality control staff from various production lines based on long years of experience.

For 12 years, KHAN Accessories & Sourcing has shipped profitable orders. Hence we are much relied for total quality control & assurance service and inspection service. Our Success formula of employing highly paid experienced men is benefiting our buyers with successful sales.

Our Quality Process has Following step procedures.
Quality Chart design > Pre Stitching, Accessories > Sewing and Finishing.

Quality Chart:
Once an order is confirmed, Merchandiser prepares a quality chart that defines the type of approvals needed for every accessories and fabrics based on problems that may occur. The chart should be verified by both quality & production staff of KHAN Accessories & Sourcing and suppliers.

Garment accessories Quality control and proper purchase is a much neglected area by many garment exporters & buying offices leading to inferior products or delayed shipments. KHAN Accessories & Sourcing know this well and prepares separate chart and follows strict methods of quality control on the color, shape, material and quality of accessories like Tags, Labels, Patches, Packaging, embellishment etc. Separate staffs follow up the purchase and delivery of accessories at right time for uninterrupted shipment. Oeko certificate for product safety are ensured with most suppliers.

For details please contact us:
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